Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time Travel in Augusta
Last week I went to the Jum$tart Financial Literacy Conference for Teachers at the Civic Center in Augusta.  I went for professional development, I went because the conference invited our Reserve Cup Team to attend as student ambassadors, and I went to present a session myself (first time!).  I made my powerpoint and then decided to show it as slides from the iPad rather than bring the laptop.  I find that I don't ever want to bring a laptop anywhere anymore - iPad or bust!  When I got to the Civic Center I was anxious to check out the room for my presentation.  The room looked normal enough, you know the "conference" look that you see in hotel conference rooms, or civic centers.  Confidently I took my iPad and dongle up to the front to plug in and test the equipment.  Ok, no projector that I can see.  That could be an issue.  But what I saw next horrified me.  Set low on the far wall below the electrical outlet was a panel of ports for connection.  But these ports were shapes and sizes that resembled something out of the original Star Trek series!  There was no way any technology produced within the last 20 years was going to fit into any of these plugs.  I think the room, no the entire building itself was uncomfortable with an iPad being in the house.  I asked a few people what they knew about the setup and it was clear that the iPad/Apple/2012 language I used was not getting me anywhere.  In my mind I had visions of me holding my iPad over my head and walking around the room showing my presentation like John Cusack in "Say Anything".  Just then, one of my colleagues from the Jum$tart Board arrived and told me that they had a new projection kit that they could bring.  Saved!!!  In the end the technology worked great - even though I needed some help from Addison to set it up :)

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  1. Hey Steve -
    I used to think all financial-types were about PCs, Windows, and IBMs. Now you are breaking that mold. Keep pushing those boundaries!