Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Help

The young writers in the 4-5 Program are putting the finishing touches on their descriptive writing piece and will soon start work on a non-fiction piece.  Students will be interviewing members of the Waynflete community who have immigrated to the United States and writing an "article" based on that interview.  

The teachers would like to make this writing public but we are unsure of the best way to accomplish that.  Currently, we are thinking about capturing the recorded voice of our writing groups.  We would then like to take the recording and link it on a map so that there is a visual representation of where the subject of the interview is from.  

Our initial brainstorms led us to garage band but we are unsure if we can embed those recordings on a map.
We could also use Voice Thread and hyper link the map.
We could create individual Explain Everythings with maps as the background slide.  We could then post those recordings on the web via YouTube.

We know there are other possibilities but cannot think of them.  WWTLCD?  (What would TLC do?)  Share your thoughts with us.  We would appreciate the help.