Tuesday, May 1, 2012

School Visit

I had a fantastic visit at Bancroft last week.  The Spanish teacher I visited with is using iPads in her classroom with enthusiasm and she allowed the US students to share their favorites with me (as a way to review for quizzes the next day).  She has changed her teaching style to incorporate the flipped classroom approach and uses class time like a workshop allowing collaboration, feedback and questions and avoiding "lecturing" or giving information.  She has found that her students are more engaged with the material and talking to each other and with her more often in the target language.  She will be a wonderful colleague for me to collaborate with in the future!!   Here is a link she shared with me regarding flipping the classroom (and some info about a workshop in Chicago in June): 

Here are some apps that all of the students use in all of their classes:

Notability or Pages for note taking and writing/composition
iHomeowrk or Todo for Organization

She uses PDF Expert to send quizzes to students and they take their quizzes on the iPad.
The also do a lot of real-time Google Docs work together

I was impressed by how willing students were to share and comment on each other's work and progress!  I also got to visit with 2 teachers I had 33 years ago!

Thanks for this connection, Page!!

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