Friday, February 24, 2012

Changing Culture of Learning

I think back to the bio/physics/chem classes when I was in high school and recall how frustrating it was to try to understand the content using static diagrams and color coded images.  As technology advances and we consider all the possibilities for its application towards learning great things happen.  For instance, a new generation of text books.  The news of a new way to publish on-line books was very exciting and the ball has started to roll!  I think I would have done so much better back in high school if I had these types of texts.  Maybe I would have just been able to keep better track of my notes? 

I wonder how these developments will change the culture of learning in our schools?  The content and learning outcomes will be similar but the way in which we acquire and handle information will be vastly different.  Will a change in learning require a change in physical space?  A change in the time frame of the learning day?  

The i-book development along with the fact that iPads/tablets create a more cooperative and collaborative atmosphere will change the way school happens.

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