Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Following Twitter

You know I am a big fan of Twitter.  I think I have learned more from my twitter feed than I learned during my two-year pursuit of my Masters and it is how I keep on learning everyday.  I like looking through my twitter feed at night - I often find interesting articles and conversations about learning.  I also enjoy having my twitter feed open during events like a political debate or the Super Bowl - the commentary is priceless.

Twitter can be a valuable tool to a teacher.  It can provide the teacher with a connection to other teachers around the world, a place where they can collaborate and share.  It can serve as on-going professional development. It can also serve as a place where students can connect to their teachers.

I recently discovered the Twitter feed of NCTM - the National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics.  They put out a math "problem of the day" - every day.  These problems are great - they would be perfect problems to start off a class:

If you haven't already, give Twitter a try.  I guarantee you will find something valuable there.


  1. I think I am finally sold. I was on the fence in August but your insight into how Twitter can inform us as educators has swayed me. I will sign up this weekend. What should my handle be?

  2. theb? thebda? those have nice rings to them :-) Let me know so I can follow you. I still have a lot to learn from you!