Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pros and Cons

I appreciate the following article for the simplicity in which it highlights the positives and negatives of having technology readily available in the classroom.

For me the most poignant idea is how our students interact with text. Their visual field has become so accustomed to a web-like format that many have difficulty comprehending text that stands alone on a page.


  1. I read this article too. I had mixed feelings about it. I appreciated what she had to say but I felt she was blaming too much of what was happening on the computer. I fully believe that computers/technology are just tools - they are not capable of "making us stupid" or more distracted or less able to read text. It's so important for us to figure out the best way to learn (and teach) in the age of computers. We need to take advantage of the power of the computer to do somethings, while understanding when to turn them off and put them aside for other things. Very much like your adoption of the ipad in 4-5. I like seeing the technology really supporting your curriculum.

    Thanks for sharing this, Tim.


  2. It highlights the need for educators to learn how best to use these digital tools. A hammer isn't the best tool for every job. We all have a lot of learning ahead of us.