Sunday, November 10, 2013

As I find myself wondering if I have really made any progress with technology and teaching, I think it's a good time for an no particular order:

*I use Apple TV daily to project notes, display websites, show video clips, etc
*My 12th graders use my website to see all weekly syllabuses, access HW, download forms, articles
*Some of my 8th graders use my website to see what's for HW or to verify HW
*The Stock Market Game project is now 100% digital for 12th grade, and I am moving the 6th grade project closer to that reality
*Math 6's website is becoming a key part of the class
*Poll Everywhere is my go to program to mix it up a bit in the classroom
*I've now done several presentations using my iPad converting PowerPoint slides.

I've really come a long way in the last couple of years, but I see that most of it is stuff that I do.  I really don't have the kids doing a lot with technology (except for Finance classes where we use it constantly).  But it continues to be a challenge for me to find a better way to learn math than with paper and pencil and chalkboards.

I feel like that "next great thing" for the kids is not here yet.  At least not at Waynflete.  But the momentum is there, we will get there.  And taking this at the right pace is probably a good thing.

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  1. I'm not sure if there ever will be the "next great thing" - if there is it certainly won't be some piece of hardware. I think we have to think more about pedagogy and what we ask of students. I think there are a lot of little things and you can only discover them by experimenting like this in your classroom. Good stuff, Steve.