Thursday, October 10, 2013

In EC we have been consumed with the teacher parts of technology, and also with sorting out the various bugs and problems that have cropped up.  Our plan to start google accounts for all of our students has forced us as a team to begin to learn how to use Google Drive.  It took quite a while to bring everyone up to a similar starting point with Drive.  It seemed that each device had its own issues to sort out as well as it's own learning curve.   (I was personally gratified to solve a problem that stumped one of our experts through dogged trial and error.)

We're finally (almost) ready to send links to the accounts to families.  At the same time we continue to discuss exactly how much content we want to put in the student accounts and to what end, beyond simply sharing media.  Some questions:  Will we be able to load the conference videos after conferences?  Do we want to do that?  Will these accounts function as a long term portfolio for each child?  If so, how much content will one account hold?  So, as usual, we're cautiously feeling our way into unknown territory in a fairly public way, and learning as we go.  Excelsior!

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