Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ipads Support Dramatic Play in Early Childhood

IPads in Dramatic Play

"Mission Control! Come in Mission Control!"
"There's gingerbread on the moon!"
"We're not going to the moon any more. We're going to Mars where the robot lives."
"Yeah, the robot that's our friend."
"Look out we're heading to an asteroid!"

"I'll shoot the gun."
"No, an asteroid is a big chunk of rock. We have to steer around it!"

It has been a big year for block building in the Early Childhood classroom. Every day all of the blocks are used to make castles, forts, road systems and today, a rocket ship. IPads have also been used each day this year. Many pictures have been drawn, letters learned and QR codes scanned. On this morning the two things have come together for the first time. The astronauts asked if they could bring the iPads into the block area to support their play. After some discussion about safety and care for the iPads, the command center was outfitted with three useful screens.

The imaginative play was immediately enriched by access to this tool. While one astronaut scanned his screen for dangers ahead, others created images of weird planets and enemy spacecraft. The kids have surprised me again in finding a whole new use for the iPad. Unencumbered by preconceived notions about how and where it should be used, they are free to see possibilities that have escaped me.

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  1. Great post Gretchen, I love when that physical world can be enhanced or extended with those iPads. You guys are always finding new uses for them (or should I say, your students are always finding new ways to use them!).