Monday, April 1, 2013

Here at the vantage point of almost two school years experience using iPads with the EC class, I'm feeling like the "great experiment" has succeeded.  Parents, faculty and students see the iPads as just another tool to be used in our classroom, as we had hoped.  The iPads are used or not as needed by all of us without much  fanfare.  Students use the iPads independently for drawing, writing, reading, music, movie making and research.  Teachers use them for the same purposes.  We have been pleased to start using more QR codes in the classroom to facilitate research for the students.  The minis that we have, have made scanning codes much easier for the students which has encouraged us to make even more use of the QR code process . The iPad has become something that we all use and rely on.  We are able to expand our library of apps organically, as new needs are identified. It is pleasing to note that all of the worry,fear and excitement has largely dissipated leaving us with a very useful tool and no ill effects that I can discern.  Onward!

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