Monday, December 3, 2012


My turn! So I now have solid footing on the Notability train. Woo Woo. I have been using it for my class notes and it seems to be working nicely. The best part is now I can organize my notes with ease and access documents right into my notes. I usually save them as PDF files and then import them so that I can write on them. I have emailed the notes to students that are not in class which I could do before from my tablet but now it is just that much easier. I also have downloaded an ap on my iPhone that acts like a scanner. I can take photos of documents and then upload them as PDF files. The jury is still out as to if this is a worth while ap. What I do like about it is I don't have to go over to the copy room to scan. I can do it from my desk here in HURD. Please let me know if you want to chat more about these aps. Love to hear more info on them too if you have any. Happy Monday!

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