Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting ready for year 2!

As I type, I am entering phase 3 of the submission of my video blog (the path has been longer than needed, I fear...from iMovie on iPad to Camera Roll to iPhoto on laptop to TLC blog- to prove it was done!- to iMovie on laptop to Quicktime on desktop to unlisted on YouTube).  Phew!   The process has certainly been a good reminder to me of what I have to learn and the fact that every process takes me one step closer to knowing how to "do it right" the next time.   No doubt my second video blog will be an improvement.
I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on last year, and look ahead to this year.  I am not sure the merit of waiting until the "new" year is about to start to finally do my reflection, but I have to say it seemed like good timing.  I feel newly energized and excited to talk "tech" and I am looking forward to spending some time this week putting some concrete goals (and means to those goals) in place this week.    I am not sure I would have felt that same energy at the end of June.
I really look forward to the conversation and work ahead this week and as we embark on a second year of TLC and I move forward on my "tech-no to tech-know" initiative. :)

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  1. Jess your energy and curiosity are wonderful models for the rest of us! Even in June! Looking forward to working with you again on this.