Thursday, July 26, 2012

iPad Tote and Other Summer Stuff

I'm sure you are all feeling like I am right about now - wondering where the summer has gone.  I think this feeling creeps up on me every summer when I begin to see August 1st approach.  Summer has been busy for me - after a wonderful, sunny week on a lake in July, I returned to work to get ready for September: new computers, old computers, new phone systems, iPads, Macbook Pros, endless installs. Fortunately Abshir and Laurel have been wonderful workers all summer and have plowed through a huge pile of work!

I wanted to share one project that Laurel helped me out with (she actually assembled them all): an iPad tote and charger.  These will be in classrooms that have sets of iPads for students.  They can be charged; they can be carried from home station to home station; and they can be locked.  Here are some pictures - hope you can see them ok:

What do you think?  It was waaaay cheaper than anything I could buy :-)


  1. Wow- I am IMPRESSED! I think these are awesome. I can't wait to see it live tomorrow!

  2. Nice! I like this better than the dish drainer idea that came up last year. Will you be posting directions?

  3. Directions are easy:
    - We purchased the file boxes at staples. They are lockable with a padlock.
    - Drilled some holes in the back to mount the power strips on with zip ties.
    - We added an extra hole at the top of the back side (bigger hole) to feed the power cords through
    - we used some velcro ties to keep the cords neat and tidy in the box.
    - Each box holds about 5-7 ipads and can still be carried comfortably

    So far so good. I think they are going to work nicely in our Lower School.