Friday, January 6, 2012

Advanced animation app?

So after a few months of experimenting with my EC students using Puppet Pals, I have a five year old student who needs a better animation program. She navigates between Hello Crayons and Puppet Pals more quickly and easily than I do and is requesting more advanced features than are available on PP. She would like to make individual limbs move on characters etc. If anyone finds a more advanced animation app let me know!


  1. Wow, you have some advanced ECers. I haven't done too much research about animation but I have heard good things about DoInk and Animation Studio (the free version is called "Kid Animation"). Give 'em a look.

  2. I have long considered using a "comic strip" application to foster storytelling in the classroom. I have Comic Book loaded on my device and played with it this summer. I also have heard Strip Designer is good. I stumbled upon Animation Creator HD Lite (free) which will lead to wanting the paid version. For the big bucks ($6.99) you can explore Book Creator.

    Just an FYI as we become more focused in our app searching. Apple now lists apps by curriculum area on landing pages inside the App Store. Access these from this page:

    We can also visit iTunes U to further our investigations.