Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From Kindergarten to College: Technology and Education in ME

After reading an address by Barry Mills, president of Bowdoin College, and listening to a MPBN segment on iPad use in kindergarten classrooms in the Auburn school district, I find myself pondering the role of technology in the classroom across the ages. The technology revolution is upon us; how do we implement technology in ways that make sense for students from age 5 to 18 (and beyond)?

In his annual Opening of the College address...President Barry Mills addresses the role of technology in the transformation of education:

Nine years ago Maine became the first state to equip middle school students across the state with laptop computers...Now, in a program which is gaining international attention, one school district has launched a new learning initiative to supply all kindergarteners with iPads:


  1. Jess-
    Thanks for posting these two links. I really liked Barry Mill's address - he talked a lot about things we talked about this summer. The iPad program will be an interesting program to watch develop. You pose a great question here and of course, there is no easy answer. But we can all work on some answers this year.


  2. I was thinking about how this thing we are doing is for the next years of our teaching but for our current students (at least for my seniors and juniors) it will be fleeting. How to make sure they get what they need along with trying new things. Also how they may encounter this in college.